“If you read one book a year, read this one” - Tanya J.

The Ultimate Guide to Giving the Best Blowjob In The World

UPDATE: Hey, this is my OLD domain name - the new one is www.jacksblowjoblessons.com - that's where you can now buy Jack's Blowjob Lessons, the ultimate guide to giving the best blowjobs in the world.

From:Jack Hutson
Thursday, February 9

Hi girl,

I really don’t know how you stumbled upon my web site.

Maybe a friend gave you a recommendation. Or a blogger wrote an article about it. Or you just searched Google on how to give a blowjob.

I don’t know and I don’t care. But let me tell you one thing: This web site is one of the most useful pages that you girls will ever find on the Internet. That is one thing I know for sure.

My name is Jack Hutson. I am no scientist or Ph.D in sexology and I was NOT featured on Oprah or FOX News.

I am the guy who has slept with hundreds of women and taught every one of them to blow like a decent girl should. And that's the only reason you should believe me.

"But I already know how to go down on him, I don't need your advice. My boyfriend/spouse/lover is happy with it" - some of you might say.

Are you sure? :)

Girls, let me tell you one thing. Out of 10 blowjobs I received, 9 sucked like hell! And by "sucked" I mean lousy. But - you wouldn't believe - most of these girls thought they were good at it. Their boyfriends were either lying to them or did not know any better. If a guy manages to ejaculate, it does not mean the blowjob was the best he could have. Get it? A man can have sex with almost any woman but only a few of them will be the "best."

Any man can receive a blowjob from any girl and ejaculate. But that does not mean the blowjob was exceptionally great. I will teach you how to be the one that they'll actually want to keep and truly fall in love with.

"But, the relationship is not just about blowjobs. This is too shallow. What about the mutual understanding and trust?" - I can almost hear some of you asking.

Girls, get real. The basis of a great relationship is great sex. You may have a great personality and looks, but when your man discovers another woman who sucks like an angel from heaven, your relationship may collapse worse than a house of cards in a thunderstorm.

Blowjobs are a crucial part of a successuful relationship. Accept that as a fact - most guys would leave you for a girl that gives better blowjobs than you. We live in the year , not some 19th century conservative society where talking about blowjobs would get you burned on the bonfire.

Some guys stay married with a woman who gives lousy or no blowjobs at all and then "outsource" other women to do it properly - prostitutes. Now you don’t want to have that happen to you, do you? Thought so.

Take a look at this image : A recent study from Men's Health magazine shows 44% of men would leave you for some other random chick with better blowjob skills. This actually happens.

Ladies, it is very hard to find a girl who can perform great blowjobs. I do not know the exact number of women I have been with, but it is somewhere between five-hundred and a thousand. And yet I can use my ten fingers to count those who gave me an amazing blowjob the first time we hooked up.

So - I had to teach them to do it. Some of them became very good at it, luckily for guys who had them afterwards :) Unfortunately, not all of them wanted to learn, 'cause their ego was just too big to admit they needed improvement.

To sum things up - I have helped hundreds and hundreds of women to become excellent at sucking the life out of a guy. After that, most of them had amazing relationships, successful marriages and many even found true love. (Some even told me they got a promotion :) and I believe they will be grateful to me as long as they live. In fact, I am still friends with many of them.

Having helped so many of you spice up your sex life, gain confidence and find your own Prince in shining armor, I feel like Jesus in a way. :) It's a great feeling to help people achieve what they really want.

Last year, I started a web site called HowToGiveHead.biz in order to reach as many women as possible. I wrote some essential stuff on how to give a blowjob and soon afterwards the web site started to get more visitors than I ever could have imagined. Today I keep getting dozens of emails every day, where women just like you are praising me for teaching them just a few secret techniques. You girls wanted more and more information, so I decided to sit down and put my heart into writing and sharing what really works.

So what are you going to learn from my book?

The Attitude

I know you expect to learn some killer blowjob "techniques," but let me tell you one thing: Without a proper attitude, no technique will ever improve your blowjob skills. Therefore, the first part of my book is about the attitude change.

It would be a surprise and I know some of you girls may have a hard time accepting some of the concepts, but once you start actually applying them in real life, you (and your man) will be amazed with the results. The attitude change, alone, will transfer your sex life to the next level. Believe me, it will make him feel like he's in Paradise. Try and discover for yourself :)

Blowjob Positions

One of the secrets of a great blowjob is a proper position. There are hundreds of imaginable poses for fellatio; however, only a handful of them produce nearly magical results. You will have the advantage of knowing what these positions are.

Guys are extremely visual, so it's not just about the technique, but also about the position where they can enjoy your body completely. Also, some positions give better comfort and a more powerful orgasm. More info in the book.

The Foreplay and the atmosphere

The foreplay and the ambiance of a great blowjob are very important. Sure, many men can orgasm without any foreplay at all. But I am training you to become a pornstar calibre blowjob practitioner, not just "another girl who can milk it." So, in order to be the best, you must pay attention to details.

Many worthy men have responsible and stressful jobs, so it is best for you to change his state of mind, almost bewitch him, before putting your delicious lips around his "friend". You'll do this by creating a heavenly atmosphere and making him feel like a King. It's all about mind guidance and controlling his feelings. Conquering his penis is easy, but conquering his mind is an entirely different level.

Blowjob Techniques

In my book I have compiled over 22 dangerously good blowjob techniques - Dangerously good? Yeah, some readers actually told me their husbands fainted after "exploding" :) Just to be clear, you are responsible for any (un)wanted side-effects. These are the things I have learned from two decades of my own sexual experience with a vast number of women.

There are probably a thousand ways to go down on a guy, but only a few dozen that actually make a guy go completely insane. Improper and made-up techniques may give no reaction to a man or even make him feel like you have no idea what you are doing. He'll probably even lose his erection, let alone not orgasm. Use these simple step-by-step techniques from my guide and I guarantee your man will be in shock.

How to Deepthroat Like a Porn Star

Deepthroating is a technique so special and talked about that I had to invite my old friend, Tanya J, to write an entire chapter about it. Tanya is a former pornstar (yes, a real one!) and I thought the deepthroating should be described by an experienced girl, as it is a lot more than just a regular blowjob. She talks about getting over the gag reflex and many more of her own tricks and industry secrets.

Top blowjob locations

"Does it matter where I go down on him?" - you might ask. Of course it does. There are times when you have to get out of bed to make your sex life more interesting. You don't want to get bored. And once you're out of bed, giving him a blowjob is much easier than having sex. I'll teach you how to give best blowjob in a car, a cinema, outdoors, in a public toilet, an elevator, on the beach, and a bunch of other forbidden places - and how to get away with it.

This stuff will make your relationship fun, full of excitement, adrenaline filled and unforgettable experiences for both of you. If you can create fantasies like this for him, you'll win his heart right from the start - even if he's a "cold-hearted jerk". The best blowjob can tame even the most power-hungry guy. I know this from personal experience.

How to talk dirty

Girls, this is HUGE. So many of you are missing this aspect. Great words can amplify everything. I've been with girls that looked gorgeous AND had killer blowjob skills. But some of them were as talkative as a dead fish and it was a BIG minus for them.

Remember what I said earlier? Most men will orgasm anyway, but that doesn't mean the blowjob was something he'll remember. I will show you how to talk dirty, exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to be comfortable while saying it. Tell him the right words and you don't have to be a beauty queen to make him believe he's in heaven! It's all about capturing his imagination, using the power of your voice to make him go nuts.

End game - spitting and swallowing

Here it is - one of the hottest topics on sexuality message boards ever. Semen swallowing. So many questions asked, so many conflicts about it. It is very important for you girls to let a man ejaculate in your mouth at least once in a while. If you don't do it, only two things are possible: a) he gets pissed and ends the relationship, and b) he says "It's ok if you don't do it, baby, I love you anyway." and goes to a street hooker.

Remember that you don't have to swallow his semen if you don't want to, but make sure the "end game" goes right by following my rules. Are you wondering what he really wants? Do you know what will make him shake and beg for more while being ready to marry you? I'll tell you. Do you want to know how to start enjoying swallowing his load by knowing what to do? Do you want to know how to make his semen taste better and how to make the whole experience as enjoyable for yourself as you'll make it for him? I'll tell you all about it.

Problems and STDs

Believe it or not, sometimes men can not have an erection even when the Miss Blowjob California is giving him oral. There may be other problems as well, such as a prolonged orgasm. What if your jaw gets tired or your neck starts hurting? Are you afraid and confused because you've never, ever went down on a guy before? It doesn't matter wether you're an insecure "oral virgin" or celebrating 20 years of marriage, this guide will make men think you have sexual super powers.

I have answered all the questions girls just like you have been asking me. It's all in my guide and the FAQ which you get for free. Another important topic are sexually transmitted diseases. It's good to know how safe giving BJs is, as many people still think it's 100% safe. Sadly, it's not. There is a tiny chance of catching some unwanted "souveneirs." Just know who you're dealing with to be sure you are on the safe side. These are just some of the things you'll learn from my blowjob guide.

Girls, stop listening to fake Cosmopolitan advisors and fancy book writers who may get a blowjob once in a Blue Moon.

If you are like most girls I know, you probably get sex advice from various female magazines with fancy pictures and glossy printing. Or, you ask your girl friends who have "a bit more" experience in sex.

Listen to me. These magazine articles deliver a few nice tips here and there, but in general, they are all weak and they are missing the essence. There are a few reasons: first, the journalists who write these articles don't have experience - they just know how to write an interesting story and that's it! Second, the magazines must watch their language, and if they come up too dirty, the sales will drop and their "reputation" will be diminished. 'Cause yes, we still live in a world where real language and real advice in public are considered immoral.

But in my book, there is no BS. I'll be 100% direct and real with you. I will tell you stuff so dirty you can't even imagine. Because I don't give a damn. And because that works. Look, if you don't like my language, get out of this site and continue reading Cosmo while your man is getting a blowjob from a woman who's the real deal. I don't mind. You can write a hate article about me, call me a sexist asshole on your blog, whatever. My mission is to reach girls who are open-minded and want to improve, not the conservative, narrow-minded folks.

If you are offended with my language, get out of my site and continue receiving sex advice from Cosmo's Ph.D psychologist, who got a blowjob only from his wife, whom he met in high school.

Some of you may have a girl friend who have had more partners than you did. So you ask for advice. And then you hear something like "Twist your tongue counter clockwise 4 times, then 3 times clockwise in an angle of 45 degrees." WTF?!

Girls, don't live in ignorance! The only female experts on blowjobs may be pornstars or professional prostitutes. The risk of getting false information is just way too high if you ask a girl who is not in the professional sex-industry.

Actually, that is the reason why I asked my old friend, Tanya J, to co-author this book. Some things just had to be explained by an experienced woman. Tanya is a former pornstar, who is now married and left the industry to care for her two little brats! (Just joking Tanya. They're adorable kids ;) But, of course, she still has her old skills and wisdom. She verified my entire book and even wrote a part of it herself.

Girls, if there's only one book you should read for the rest of your life, this is the one!

The book has 160 pages of blowjob instructions!

This is an ebook in PDF format and it is available within minutes! It requires only Adobe Reader to open. You will get the download link in your email and you can start reading it right away! (Plus you get the bonus FAQ for FREE - continue reading for details)


Here's what other women just like you think about my book. I changed their real names for privacy reasons and left all the spelling errors to keep the messages authentic:


Hello once again jack,
you are my best friend, you are my knight in shinning armor, i frickin' LOVE you!!!!! my sex life has never been better!! honestly, i doubted the whole "he will even start shaking" part, but dam was i wrong!!! he just started shouting "YEAA!! F**K YEAAAHHH!! OH MY F**KING GOD!!! YES! YES! YES!" which is a miracle all in itself because hes christian and ive never heard him say the word f**k and 'god' in the same sentence.

i absolutely LOOOOVVVEEE the fact that what i want I GET now. i just say the word and hes running for it, all because of a blowjob ;) i feel soo much happier now, like theres this 'wow' factor to the sex now that we have never experienced before. im sure ill be able to keep (and control ;D) my boyfriend for a very long time now.

thank you for being my (and many others) hero,

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Hi Jack!

OMG!!! Where should I start?? I was having a hard time giving my boyfriend a BJ, for one I did NOT like it! and two I SUCKED at it BIG TIME but my boyfriend was always so sweet, he tried telling me how to do it a few times but…

Anyway, before reading your book I had a bad attitude and I did it like it was a chore, with a stupid look on my face etc etc basically everything you described in your book about what not to do, I had done lol. So I decided to look for help and I was tired of getting all sorts of advice from my girlfriends and the short video clips on you tube by old women (eeww) or other women doctors… no help.

But your book is revolutionary! So I purchased it yesterday and read it cover to cover, plus the FAQs and oh my goodness, what tremendous help that was! Its just different hearing it from a guy. So I tried it when my boyfriend came home, we had dinner, and then I said I wanted dessert and he asked me what I wanted and I said, "I don't know but I want this" touching his penis… He loved that, lol. I did the "smart housewife" and oh my! Lets just say last night was awesome! And the best thing about it is I enjoyed sucking my boyfriend's d**k! Who would ever have thought! For real, you are so right, once XXXXXXXXXXX, it
was so much fun and I wanted to do it again this morning and again and again coz I'm now just dying to suck his c**k every damn second, but you said too much of something is not
good. So I'll hold out for a little bit. I never thought in my life that I would be looking forward to the next time I would suck my boyfriend's d**k lol. I LOVE it!!!!

So my boyfriend was very pleased last night and he's been looking at me like I'm a different person. He is literally still talking about it all day today, telling me how I'm such a freak and he likes it, and what did I do with his girlfriend lol. Coz truth be told, I can be quite prude sometimes… but on my word. He's wondering why I've been holding out on him all this time J (We've dated a little over 5 months now). Thanks to you Jack, this has brought a whole new level to my relationship and I'm so happy especially coz he's happy, its so gratifying. It was NOT gross, it was wonderful! Keep spreading the word!

I love your book, your XXXXXX and my new XXXXXXX ;), and I love you even more for helping us girls out, coz Lord knows we need the info!

Take care now,



Thank you so much for writing Blowjob Lessons! I got to be honest, I Googled something last week, somehow came across your website and after not even five minutes on your site, I was
SOLD! I thought the price was a tad high for an ebook but after reading it I would have paid double!


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Hi Jack,

Just purchased your book yesterday, couldn't stop reading it......and practiced first thing this morning. With what I read yesterday afternoon, I'm already seeing great results......my husband even called me from work to let me know how great he was feeling, and wanted to know if there was anything special he could pick up on the way home tonight!

I can't believe what a great feeling this is and because it was still dark outside and the alarm clock had just buzzed us, I did this in the dark, can't wait to see what happens when the lights are on!

Thanks very much, things can only get better....



hello Jack,

my,my,my. what a wealth of knowledge you are. i thank you from the bottom of my heart. my honey thanks you. he LOVES you. i love you. we all love each other because of c**k---what a
beautiful world. lol. im in process of moving, lost my original (perused it), and bought it again.

i used maybe 1/16th of the tips i read--- i was having some lunchtime trucklovin remembering what you wrote--naughty grin, moaning, all of that good stuff. he said it was the best bj hes ever had!!! i havent even practiced!!! heehee Jack--i think you may have created a d**ksuckin monster.

i cant wait to unleash my naughty girl. my goal is to make him pass out after screaming my name. We can do it Jack!!!! lol


Let me start by saying WOW!!!!!  We have been married 19 years and together 8 years before that.  My husband has always been good at letting me know what felt good and we often experiment new ways.  After a blowjob he would say "Oh that was great"  So as you said I thought I was doing a good job....well.  Bought your book last night browsed through it.  Most things I have done however there are little twist that you added.  Last night I surprised him with a late evening blowjob.  His reaction at the end game point "F**K OH F**K WOW, OH MY  WOW F**K, THAT WAS THE BEST EVER I MEAN EVER REALLY I MEAN EVER!  He went on for a while. I have never even got half of that reaction before. I just smiled and thanked you Jack. And this was just after glancing at the book for a few minutes.  I didn't tell him my secret yet.  I thought I would surprise him with a few other moves before I reviel my source. Can't wait to read more today!  


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THANK YOU! You are straight to the point and no bulls**t. I have always loved giving h**d and I've never had a problem with the passion part, I just never knew what the hell I was doing! So thank you again for taking the time to help us girls out! (My boyfriend thanks you too!)

Receiving facials weekly,



Hey Jack,

Dude I just wanted to say thank you...my girlfriend bought your book and was telling me about it and then tried so much of that stuff on me. I really appreciate all that stuff you had the balls to write in your book. You are definitely one of my new heroes for sure. Thanks again man, also thank the ex pornstar also, my girlfriend loved her advice



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Hello Jack,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for your A-M-A-Z-I-N-G book!!! It is a miracle!!!!
My husband started enjoying blow jobs, you know what he told me the other day? That he should make me give him bjs every day, and you wont believe how GREAT it was for me to hear that!!!

Before when I gave him a bj he told me that he would rather have sex, cuz I didn't know much about it and if I gave him one, it would take him forever to c*m, now its like 5,7 mins and he explodes, LOL.

IM just SOOOOO HAPPY that I found ur book on the web, it helped me BIG TIME.

And now my husband even looks at me differently, and our relationship is even better than it was when we were just girlfriend and boyfriend. :)
He's always smiling now and always in a great mood, and looking at him that makes me feel even more happier...i can actually tell that he surely DOES enjoy IT, he moans and ohhs and uhhs during the BJ, which before I thought he fell asleep when I went down on him, LOL.(cuz he was so quiet)...

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH once again!!!! You and your book brought happiness and joy onto our lives!!!!! :)


Heya Jack,
my names Helen, Im from Australia and I just bought your ebook this afternoon... HOLY S**T! Im only half way through reading it, but I love it!:D
You've done a fantastic job, I cant wait to see my bf next time ;] I love the up front writing style, about bloody time some one gave us SOME decent advice. Although one problem- gonna sound weird, but you get kinda turned on reading it- its really not good for concentrating! lol
alrighty, just wanted to say thanks and i pretty much love you right now lol - awesome book!
p.s.: *note, tried it after reading only half the book and he LOVED it*
:D thanks heaps!

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These are just a few of hundreds of emails I have received. And I keep getting them every day. Some of you ladies even reported you got completely turned on while reading the book, hey! - get your hands out of your pants, you didn't even start reading yet ;)

So, ladies... It's time for you to spice up your sex life and literally blow him away like never before. Learning the techniques in my book will not only be an invaluable skill, it will also be fun and hot to read. You will be the ultimate dream of every guy in the Galaxy and beyond. You will become one in ten women who truly knows how to satisfy their man. He will love you and kiss you more passionately than you could ever imagine. Not only will he be eating out of your hands, he will feel as if it was his duty to repay you with amazing sex, favors and presents. Getting him to fall in love (again) will never be easier.

The one that's got the “blowjob skills” – that's the one who's got the power. Go get it girl, be "The One," you deserve it. And, I'm not saying this because I want to force you anything. I'm saying it because I love women. I view you girls as little devilish creatures that need protection and guidance. And that's just a fraction of what I'm offering you here.

Bonus 1: Special Advanced edition

No matter whether you are a blowjob newbie or an experienced porn star - there's something new you'll learn in my guide. And my original guide is not all you'll get. I've created a Special Advanced Edition for girls that are more experienced at giving blow jobs.

The Special Advanced Edition is what will take your blowjobs from "Great" to "MIND-BLOWING!!" 

Here are just a few things you'll learn in the SAE:

Dozens of new blow job techniques and positions How to fine-tune your "performance" so that you connect with him on a deeper level
Tuning into "the zone" of total pleasure Secret blowjob tricks and ideas that will immediately make your blowjobs better
The truth about what men want in bed Dozens of ideas on how to keep your blowjobs FRESH every time
Hand job techniques that will improve your blowjobs drastically Hidden pleasure zones
Access to a list of examples that I've put together for you More dirty talking lines

Let's start! Download my book and start taking my blowjob lessons within minutes!

The price of the book is a bargain knowing that this book actually improves your life. The only one you have. And, of course, your privacy is guaranteed. No one will ever know you bought this book. That's one advantage of an ebook - no creepy looks from the weird guy in your local bookstore.

Once you fill out the order form, you will immediately get the book. In case you have any questions or concerns, check out the F.A.Q. page here.

But that's not all you'll get. There's something even better.

Bundled with the book, you will get the 312 page FAQ. It is a collection of detailed answers to 74 most frequent questions I have received about blow jobs and sex in general.

Here is the list of all questions answered in the FAQ book:

1 He doesn't want to c*m in my mouth, what does that mean? 2 The guy I'm dating has a big c**k - it just can't fit in my mouth, the girth, what should I do?
3 Should I play some music while giving him a blow job? 4 I don't want to swallow his c*m (I'm pregnant), where else can he c*m other than my mouth?
5 How can I overcome the taste of c*m? And what about my gag reflex? I can't deepthroat. 6 Which technique should I use?
7 I'm insecure about giving blow jobs, what should I do? 8 It's my first time going down on him, should I do it in a cinema, and if yes -then how?
9 Should I practice on a dildo - or should I just tell him I'm a newbie? 10 How do I get a BJ started, what's the best place?
11 Giving BJ in public toilets? (should I get drunk?) 12 Giving BJ in public toilets? (should I get drunk?)
13 How long does it take to become really good at giving blow jobs? 14 How do I use my teeth during the blow job?
15 How can I get him to just relax and enjoy the blow job? 16 READ THIS QUESTION! PERIOD.
17 How do I show him that I want him? 18 My mouth gets sore when giving BJ, what should I do about it?
19 His dick is HUGE! What should I do? 20 My boyfriend takes too long to ejaculate - how can I get him to finish faster?
21 When giving a blow job, I get tired too fast and my jaw starts hurting - is there any way to solve this? 22 My boyfriend is doing other stuff while I'm giving him BJ, why is he doing that? How can I get his complete attention?
23 My mouth is just too small! How can I please him? 24 How can I get my guy to ejaculate? He says he "can't"!
25 How should I position myself to get his penis deeper into my mouth? 26 Can you recommend me some good porn sites to check out how the Pro's are doing it?
27 This is going to be my first blow job ever! What should I do? 28 Read this question if you want to understand men better during sex and bj's.?
29 How can I overcome a horrible gag reflex? 30 Will it be weird if I suddenly behave differently? I feel shy to talk dirty - what should I do about it?
31 Why is my fiance still watching porn even if I'm giving him good blow jobs? 32 My husband is uncircumcised and very sensitive - How can I get him to relax and give him better blow jobs?
33 My fiance just can't orgasm even though he says I'm great at giving blow jobs, what should I do to get him to have an orgasm from blowjobs? 34 Jack, how can I make a more romantic atmosphere for my boyfriend? I want to give him a sensual blow job, a surprise for Valentine's day.
35 My fiance told me that his ex girlfriend gave him better blow jobs than me! What should I do? I tried everything. 36 How do I know when is he going to finish? I want to be ready for it.
37 How can I get him to finish as quickly as possible? I get tired too fast. 38 I feel uncomfortable about dirty talking. How can I get used to it?
39 I never had a guy ejaculate in my mouth before, any ideas on how not to gag when he is having an orgasm? 40 What's the best position to be in so my neck doesn't hurt during a blow job?
41 How do I get my boyfriend to be more open minded? I want to spice up our sex life. 42 He said he'll dump me if I don't give better blow jobs, what should I do?
43 I have big boobs - How can I incorporate them into a blow job and use them to my advantage? 44 How do I keep him hard during a blow job? especially while licking his balls, he sometimes goes soft.
45 Do you have any advice on female orgasms? 46 Which technique should I use when giving my boyfriend road BJ?
47 Doing two things at the same time, how do I combine it? 48 How do I keep my teeth from scratching him?
49 I feel Like I'm not going to do a good job! How can I get myself to relax and feel more confident about blow jobs? 50 How can I not sound stupid when talking dirty during a blow job?
51 My mouth gets really dry while giving a blow job, what should I do about it? 52 How can I create relaxing atmosphere for the blowjob besides music?
53 I feel a bit uncomfortable/insecure in my body, so does he, how can we both relax with each other? 54 I'm with an older, much more experienced guy - how do I stand out when giving him a blow job and in general?
55 What is the right amount of pressure to use on his shaft when giving a bj - how do I give a proper hand job? 56 How can I get my guy to finish without using my hands during the blow job, just with my mouth?
57 Learning how to talk dirty during a blow job, step by step? 58 So what do I get from giving him a blow job? How do I know whether he Will he give me back the pleasure?
59 How do I know when I'm doing something wrong? 60 How do I move my hips better during sex?
61 I gave head the first time ever yesterday and I sucked! How do I regain my confidence? 62 My guy doesn't get completely hard during blow jobs. I'm not really sure how to change this, also - what do I do exactly when he starts ejaculating?
63 How do guys feel about getting blow jobs at work? And - I'm pregnant! Any tips regarding blowjobs and sex during pregnancy? 64 How to make the whole thing more playful? And what about "dirty texting" and foreplay?
65 My boyfriend has erections problems sometimes. I think it's a mental-block, how can I solve this? 66 My guy is always tired from work and his sex drive is lower, what can I do about this? He never had an orgasm from a blowjob - how do I get him to orgasm?
67 I have no idea how to use my hands, I can give a good blow job, but a hand job, how do I do it right? How do I involve his balls into the whole thing? Should I turn him on before the blow job during the day? What about anal play during a bj? 68 Are surprise blowjobs a good idea, and how should I do them?
69 My husband is always tired from work and isn't up for sex... how do I keep him interested? 70 My guy can't finish from my blowjob, what am I doing wrong? I am not sure about myself.
71 My boyfriend can't adjust to my new "dirty" attitude, he's feeling uncomfortable? But I know he is attracted to it. What should I do? 72 How do I get used to/change the taste in his sperm? It makes me gag and I can't deep throat?
73 What technique should I use at the end of a bj? How do I finish him off so that he has a stronger orgasm and "shoot" it out instead of just dribbling it out slowly? How do I position my hands and how should I stroke so that he explodes? 74 Could you give me some ideas on how to talk even dirtier and turn him on totally during sex and blowjobs? What kind of nasty stuff can I tell him to make him go crazy?

On top of that, girls who buy the book get access to my VIP email for support and questions

Once you buy the book, you will get access to the 100% anonymous email support and consulting for 1 year. I will answer ALL your questions regarding blowjobs, relationships and sex in general.

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